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Brief History of the NDVVA State Council

Vietnam Veterans of America, North Dakota State Council was started after we established our first 3 Chapters: Minot Chapter 80, Dickinson Chapter #97, and Williston Chapter # 147; followed by Chapters in Devils Lake, Fort Berthold, Bismarck, Jamestown, Newtown, Grand Forks, Casselton (currently Mayville), Fargo, and White Shell and Beach which never got off the ground.

Vietnam Veterans in North Dakota were starting to get organized pre-VVA, then later incorporated with the National Organization in 1983.

Jim Ziegler (Minot) was very instrumental in getting established, we weren't recognized by the North Dakota Administration Committee on Veterans Affairs or the North Dakota Coordinating council until about 1987, after lobbying and protesting in a quite, yet effective manner, with more action then words approach.

Then, the WW 1 veterans position came due for renewal and they asked the two Veterans bodies to replace them with the Vietnam Veterans. So, after some long hard discussion, debates, and positive input into the NDACOVA & ND Coordinating council meetings, we finally got accepted and recognized.

We have been the forerunner in ND legislation for Veterans needs, ever since, we have gained respect from those organizations whom would not recognize us after Nam.

Thanks to Tom "Rainman" for the above NDVVA history.

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