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Vietnam Veterans of America - 2019 Annual State Picnic

Mayville, North Dakota Campgrounds


  • For those who wants to rough it up! Home Town Inn 701-786-9081 & Mayville Motel 701-788-7666.

  • Event starts on Friday, July 26, 2019 with the Golf Tournament, followed by a Fish Fry. Please bring a side-dish or desert.

  • Saturday, July 27, 2019 - Hearty breakfast prepared by Ranger Rob and Rangerette Shirley, followed by the State Meeting. There will be Pontoon Rides, Painting Party, Rifle Raffle, Catered Supper, and ending the day with a Silent Auction.

  • Sunday July 28, 2019, Breakfast, recovery time and goodbyes!




Commissioner's Challenge Flyer.pdf



VVA State Meeting Minutes

March 30, 2019 at 10:30 AM



VVA Strategic Plan For Dissolution



Report on Age Demographics

Members of Vietnam Veterans of America

Report of Age VVA








VVA Region 6 Meeting St.Cloud.doc

VVA Region 6 Meeting St.Cloud.pdf

VVA Region 6 Conference Registration.doc

Location - Holiday Inn & Suites, 75 South 37th Ave, St. Cloud, MN June 3 & 4, 2016

Hotel registration instructions: Call the Holiday Inn at 1-888-465-4329. Tell them you are registering for rooms at the VVA Region 6 conference. They will need your credit card information. Be sure to get a confirmation number.

Tentative Agenda

June 3 (Friday) – Plan to arrive by noon
•  9:00 to XX:00 Registration
• 1:00 - Bus leaves for the Minnesota Military Museum at Camp Ripley $5.00 admission will be collected as you board the bus (bus ride is limited to first 50 on board – others are welcome to carpool to the museum)
•  4:30 – Return to hotel
•  5:00 – Buffet dinner at hotel (cost is included in registration fee)
June 4 (Saturday)
•  8:30 – Meeting rooms open
•  9:00 – Meeting is called to order (prayer by Chaplain Leroy Kieke)
•  11:30 – Break for lunch (deli at hotel on our own)
•  12:30 – Meetings resume
•  2:30 - Agent orange Town Hall Meeting (Maynard Kaderlik)
•  3:30 - Hepatitis-C awareness meeting (Leroy Kieke and Hep-C staff)
•  4:30 - Move to Lake George (maps will be provided)
•  5:00 - Texas Road House meal at pavilion (provided by Hep-C for registered guests only)
•  6:00 - Walk to Vietnam Memorial (complimentary photos by Chapter 290)
•  Free time at Memorial
June 5 (Sunday)
•  ????




Membership Affairs Monthly Report January 05, 2016




Dan Stenvold, ND State Vietnam Veteran President, talks with the Grand Forks Herald about agent orange and of his time in Vietnam.




Aug.1 to Dec. 31, 2015 life membership for VVA and AVVA will be $100 for any age.




30 years service to America





North Dakota State Council

Expense Report and Advance Request PDF logo




Schoolorship Applications

Sharon Dakken Memorial Scholarship

John Coyne Memorial Scholarship

Jim Ziegler Memorial Scholarship

Daryl Kuhnhenn Memorial Scholorship




North Dakota Veterans Home




VVA Founding Principal

"Never Again Will One Generation of Veterans Abandon Another"




Committee Chairs For The Next 2 Years




Learn more about mesothelioma.




All VA card carrying members beware!




North Dakota VVA Chapter 374 in conjunction with the Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association is endeavoring to raise awareness of “AGENT ORANGE thru the sale of Agent Orange Bumper Stickers. Actual size: 3” x 11”.

The bumper stickers are a copy of North Dakota’s highly successful billboard campaign on Interstates I- 94 and I- 29.

Click On The Bumper Sticker Below To Order Yours Today!

Agent Orange Bumper Sticker



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2013 VVA National Convention
August 13 - 18, 2013
Jacksonville, FL

VVA State Council & Chapter Membership and Delegate Counts, ND




Vietnam Veterans of America Region 6 Workshop




1st Battalion 9th Marines "The Walking Dead"

March 2013 The Proud Warrior




From the ND State President Dan Stenvold

BILL 1405

Bill 1405, Help Vietnam Veterans of America do outreach and education on the effects of Agent Orange. Sponsored by Rep. Trottier from Northwood. In committee, passed 14-0!

Your state president and state vice president testified yesterday. The money approved is $50,000 a year for 2 years!!!!!!! We now have to figure out HOW to spend it…I’m thinking about something huge at the Air museum and even larger event at our picnic in July. The monies if passed by the senate veteran government affairs in March, will be dispersed by Lonnie’s office.

I testified for about 20 mins.—I really hammered on the fact that VN vets don’t trust the government, won’t use the VA system and are not aware of the effects of Agent Orange. Then I got into the “faces of Agent Orange” about our children, our grandchildren, and the 7 generations that it will affect . The committee, was wiping tears from their eyes. They asked 40 to 50 questions that I think I handled pretty well. They had NO IDEA how bad this stuff is!

One point I didn’t use until it was over (in private) with the committee was the fact that one of their esteemed members, Representative Ammerman was missing. Bill Ammerman and I did the K-12 together, did the Vietnam thing together, although we were in different places. He’s in Colorado at his son’s bedside where they just removed an orange sized tumor from his brain. “Josh” is a child of Agent Orange and these tumors on the brain are not uncommon! I called Bill last night and told him to make sure the Drs. check for TCDD, the killer dioxin from A/O. He broke down because he had no idea that he could be responsible for his son’s suffering……………….

Another bill I want all Vietnam veterans to support is the funding for SPRING STEELE! It’s a group of professionals that want funding to open a clinic in Fargo, and possibly 2 days a month in Grafton. They will deal with PTSD and TBI (traumatic brain injury) This is HUGE for our state and can be googled if you want more info. We have to support this bill!!!!!




The legislature now has 3 bills that pertain to veterans and or the military

HB 1056 - SB 2007 - SB 2073




ND National Guard News Release
N.D. Guard identifies Two 818th Engineer Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan


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West Fargo son: Vietnam hero coming home


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Legislation 2013
As discussed and voted on at NDVCC June 29 2012



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ND State Roster Aug-2012


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Memorial Day Package

Appropriate quotes - Flag Etiquette - Lincoln's words - Memorial Day Field Speech 2012

Moment fact sheet - Suggested column - Taps - The Flower of Remembrance


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Mesothelioma Resource Online


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Dan Stenvold - VVA State President

Greetings to my Brother and Sisters of Chapter 150


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VA Extends Deadline for Gulf War Illnesses


VA DIscounts



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Membership Monthly Affairs August 11, 2011PDF logo


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The Proud Warrior - September Newsletter


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John Rowan to Serve Fourth Term As National President of Vietnam Veterans of America

VVA PressRelease 2011-24.doc


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U.S. Senator Kent Conrad Communiqué


 The Capitol Connection - July 20, 2011

 VA Issues New Regulations For Judging  PTSD Claims

 Senate Designates June 27, 2010 National PTSD Awareness Day

 Please Help Raise Awareness About PTSD

 North Dakota Continues to Play Key Role in National Defense

 U.S. Senator Kent Conrad's Website


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patch1  patch2  patch3



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Purchase items at this dollar store and any of the items you wish to
donate will be given to the children school supplies for Veterans program.


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Thank you for your response regarding the Proud Warrior newsletter.  Since the next newsletter may not be out prior to this scheduled mini reunion at Parris Island I want to get the word out to all interested--Please pass it on.

PI Mini Reunion  September 21-25, 2011 Wed Sept 21 2011 early bird arrival

Thur, Fri, Sat  Sept 22, 23 and 24 planned activities to include Friday morning graduation, a cookout, social activities on base etc

Dan Latham is the primary contact  Dan has been in contact with the Days Inn, Port Royal SC and they will block off rooms until Aug 10th and go from there as they get booked up early when there is a graduation at PI.  If you wish to book a room contact the Days Inn at: 843-524-1551 and tell them you are with the First Battalion Ninth Marines group--rates qouted are $69.95 Wed and Thur nights and $49.95 Fri, Sat and Sun plus tax--the hotel has a 24 hr advance cancellation policy so book prior to August 10th so Dan can get an idea of how many are planning on attending.

 Here is the SITREP from Col Radcliffe who has been greasing the skids for this event:

FragOrder 01-2011 from 1/9 CP ; Reunion @ MCRD,Parris Island 21-25Sep11; I have gotten clearance for 1/9 to return. BRIEF OUTLINE; early bird arrivals OK on Wed 21Sep-hospitality room and registration. 22 SEP: check in,MCRD open to include PX,Commissary,Golf course,bowling alley,Museum and gift shop;informal evening being arranged.

Fri 23Sep early chow on base followed by morning colors-pictures on HQs steps w/CG andSgt Maj,then to parade deck forGraduation,base tour,lunch@ Club,shopping@newPX ,return to motel; approx 1700 back to Club aboard base for Happy Hour and evening meal=shirts,shoes and socks{no jungle boots and your smelly cushioned-sole socks}. Sat am-open-1200 we go to the Rod and Gun Club{reserved for us}for beer,beans,burgers, and B.S. Pass the word to all hands;details to follow to include motel info,registration,[ probably $15 /10 wives/guests]. Dan Latham and I will be points of contact and will get a better distribution system;till then pass this info,post on the website . Col.Mac Radcliffe A/1/9 

Semper Fi



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V.A. Benefits: Message 2.eml


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The American Flag

Meaning of Flag Draped Coffin - Memorial Day 2010


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Honor The FALLEN

Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom Casualties

Spc. Keenan A. Cooper, 19


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WEBWeekly - What's New on


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Requesting Military Record Search

 U.S. Army Records.pdf.pdf U.S. Marines & Air Force Records.pdf.pdf Gulf War Records.pdf.pdf


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ND Governor John Hoeven Signed The Vietnam Veterans Day Bill

right hand icon Dan Stenvold's Speech at the Signing of the Bill

Vietnam Veterans Day will be observed each year on March 29th.


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In-Country Army Copter "names" 1961-73 Vietnam

Request by John Brennan.doc


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The John Coyne scholarship, for members of chapter 374 only.

right hand icon John Coyne Application Form.pdf.pdf logo


The Jim Ziegler scholarship, for North Dakota Vietnam Veterans from any chapter.

right hand icon Jim Ziegler Scholarship Application Form.pdf.pdf logo


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Faces of Agent Orange

right hand icon Read The May's Story.pdf.pdf logo

  • The May's story is brought to you by the Vietnam Veterans of Michigan.


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 Vietnam War Resources

right hand icon Great Resources For All Our Vietnam Vets

  • This simply has to be shared with anyone who ever served in Vietnam or who is studying the war. It would take months to find everything this site offers. Dan.


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right hand icon Newsletter Winter 2009 - 2010 Fargo Air Museum.pdf .pdf logo

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  • Gene Summers, Minot, North Dakota passed away at the age of 63.

  • Memorial service was held on December 1, 2009, at 11:00 AM  -  Zion Lutheran Church, Minot, ND.

  • Gene was the 1st Chapter Past President of the North Dakota Vietnam Veterans of America.




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